This section of the website is for the parents of girls in guiding. We have tried to answer some of the most popular questions, but we would be pleased to add new items that you think would be helpful.

There is a lot of information on the national Girlguiding website for parents and for girls on the youth websites.


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How does my daughter join guiding?
What happens once my daughter joins a unit?

After your daughter has visited her chosen unit and if she decides to take up a place, you will be given a Starting Rainbows / Starting Brownies/Starting Guides/Starting Rangers form. Some units may send this to you before her visit.

This provides information on your daughter’s chosen unit and area including contact details for the leaders and local commissioner – you keep the first two pages. You should complete the next two pages and return them to the unit leader. This makes sure the correct contact information is available for you; the information will be used to update the members’ database and then securely destroyed. It is important that you respond to the questions about photograph and video permissions.

You are encouraged to complete the Gift Aid Declaration, if you are a UK taxpayer as this will allow the unit to claim any tax already paid on subs etc back from the Government. [Gift Aid information].  

If your daughter is new to guiding, you will also receive a welcome pack from Girlguiding “Welcome to Girlguiding: Your first steps in the guiding world”.

My daughter is having a great time in guiding – how can I tell other people?

Word of mouth recommendations are great. As well as traditional conversations why not post about us on Facebook or Tweet about us?  Use the links at the top of this page.

What does my daughter wear to a unit meeting?

One of the great things about guiding is feeling part of largest organisation for girls and young women in the UK. Each section has its own identity and girls can choose items from a range of practical, stylish and reasonably priced guiding wear. You can view the selection on the national Girlguiding website and we would encourage you to look at purchasing goods here or through our own depot in Royal Wootton Bassett - see Where can I buy guiding wear? below.

We are for all girls and young women, whatever their background and circumstances. Therefore no girl is excluded from guiding because she does not have the right clothing. In some units, girls are able to purchase second-hand wear or borrow it from the unit for a small charge.

We are open to all girls – of all faiths and none. We are happy for girls to dress so they feel comfortable, whether that be to accommodate their faith, their specific needs or the type of activity in which they are taking part.

Where can I buy guiding wear?

From our county trading depot.  Our depot volunteers can advise on guiding wear choices and you can try on before you buy.  By purchasing in the depot, you will save on postage and packing, plus all profits made by our depot go directly back into local guiding to benefit our members.

Located at Unit 14, Apsley House, Apsley Arcade, High Street, Royal Wootton Bassett, SN4 7AQ, our depot is open on Saturdays (10am to 4pm) during term-time. See below for summer term 2021 dates:
Open Saturdays at 10 am – 4pm Term time only.

22 May 2021
5 June 2021
12 June 2021
19 June 2021
26 June 2021
3 July 2021
10 July 2021
17 July 2021

Reopening for the autumn term on Saturday 4 September 2021

Email: [email protected]

For those buying guiding wear, a fitting room is available and by purchasing in the depot, you will save on postage and packing. The Members’ Area contains badge prices.
Email [email protected]

Many units hold stocks of second-hand guiding wear, available for a small donation to unit funds. Do check with your daughter’s unit leader.

If you can’t get to the depot or access second-hand guiding wear, you can order online from Girlguiding:

We are moving house – can my daughter transfer units?

If you are moving to another area and it is no longer possible for your daughter to attend her unit, you should speak to the leaders in her existing unit to ask for your daughter's membership number. Her existing leader or local commissioner might be able to find contact details for units in your new location (especially if you are staying in the same county) and make the move a bit smoother for her. Alternatively, register here: [] but please make sure you add her membership number and a comment so that leaders in the new area know she is already a member. This will also ensure that your daughter’s records are kept together throughout her guiding life.

Sometimes there are reasons other than moving house for a girl to want to change units (eg clash of activities, change of school commitments). It may be possible for her to change units if there is a space. You should speak to one of the leaders in her existing unit to discuss the options for moving and find out your daughter's membership number. If she is already a member of a unit, please explain to the leader of the new unit that she is already in guiding so that out of politeness she can make contact with the unit your daughter is leaving. This will also ensure that your daughter’s records are kept together throughout her guiding life.

How does my daughter move up to the next section?

We hope that your daughter wants to continue in guiding and is thinking about moving to the next section when she reaches the appropriate minimum age (Brownies: 7, Guides: 10, Rangers: 14). If she is already in a unit (eg Rainbows) and would like to be added to the waiting list for the next section (eg Brownies) then you need to talk to one of the leaders in her existing unit. They will be able to advise on local units and any waiting lists. Once you have selected a unit, either the leader in her existing unit or you can ask the leaders in the selected unit to add your daughter to the ‘waiting to transfer’ list.

Remember that units may have waiting lists and are not necessarily able to guarantee immediate transfer; we encourage you to think about this as early as possible.

My daughter was previously in guiding – can she re-join?

We would welcome your daughter back into guiding.

If your daughter would like to re-join after a short period, you might wish to discuss this possibility with the leader of her former unit. If you have moved, would like a new unit, or she is now older and would like to join the next section up, please register here:[] but please make sure you add her membership number (if known) and a note to explain that she would like to re-join. This will also ensure that your daughter’s records are kept together throughout her guiding life.

What support can I give to the volunteers running my daughter’s unit?

Our volunteers really value the support that parents give to them, whether it is on a large or a small scale.

As a parent – you could help the unit l;eaders by:

  • Paying subs and handing in forms promptly.
  • Using your connections to offer an interesting activity or visit outside of the meeting place.
  • Providing an extra pair of hands for ‘adult intensive activities’ like craft, going out on an activity, cooking, etc.
  • Sharing a skill with the girls.
  • Sharing a skill and time to help the leaders, like keeping the unit accounts, photocopying notes for parents, contacting and sending out information to girls who want to join the unit, transporting equipment to camp and lots of other things ……
  • Raising money yourself through Gift Aid and easyfundraising, or managing these for the unit.
  • Supporting them when the hall is a mess and the girls need to tidy up before they go home!
  • Remembering that every hour a unit Leader gives to guiding is voluntary.

If you would like to consider a volunteer role, please look at our volunteer pages.